12 Essential Tips For Exploring Cuba Like a Pro

The smell of cigars, the sounds of salsa, the taste of rum surrounded by the gorgeous, crumbling buildings and cars, brace yourself; Cuba is going to knock your socks off. Yet Cuba isn't the easiest place to be at times, the bureaucracy, the shortages, the hustle can really wear you down. Nothing can quite prepare you for Cuba, but hopefully this article will give you a few pointers to make the most of your time.

Penny's been working behind the scenes at both centres in El Patio since 2014. Recently returned from her Caribbean adventure she shares her tips and travel pics!

I Teach Spanish! …Clara Cueva

Clara arrived in Melbourne from Perú in 2014, since then she's been inspiring students and pumping energy into the classroom at El Patio!

Read about Clara's helpful strategies for learning and memorisation. Stay tuned until the end for a fun and dramatic Soap Opera clip exercise!

I learn Spanish! ... Julian Rowe

Read about Julian, a student with a compelling motivation to learn Spanish - he has a Spanish speaking partner. This naturally assumes a fair amount of travel, both in the past and future. He has some hints about how to keep chipping away at the grand project of achieving Spanish fluency. Julian is now completing Lower Intermediate 2 - so is well on his way to realising his dream.

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