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I Learn Spanish! … Rosemary Kelly

When her daughter fell in love with a Costa Rican, Rosemary decided she wouldn't be left out of the conversation! She enrolled at El Patio. She would not have guessed then, that 7 years later (in one of the longest running courses, Advanced Extended 4), she would have found new love too - the Spanish language! Read about Rosemary's Spanish learning journey and how she maintains, grows and enjoys her new language.

La máquina de escribir

Read a story about a spooky Spanish typewriter, forgotten for decades and passed down through generations. What mysteries does it keep leaving? And what secrets has it kept throughout its life? Ana Ruiz has created another gothic tale, this one for the B2/C1 level. It's great for vocabulary, verb tenses, adjectives you've never seen before, history, and of course, a bit of suspense.

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