El maremoto (The Seaquake) Using Pretérito Perfecto! (A2)

Have you ever had a doomsday scenario play out in your head? Perhaps you've been daydreaming about what to do in a zombie apocalypse, or a nuclear fallout? How prepared would you be? Where would you go?

It's something that has fascinated many people over the years, inspiring countless films, books ... and nightmares.

Here Ana paints her version of Armageddon - a wall of water created by un maremoto (a seaquake). This story is not only designed to get your heart racing, it will also help you learn the uses and conjugations of the Present Perfect past tense (Haber + Past Participle).

Staff Picks - Ana's Hip-Pop Women Playlist

As we celebrate International Women's Day, Ana, our Director of Studies, has made a playlist that takes us on a journey of protest and feminism from all corners of the Hispanic world - all in Spanish of course!

Staff Picks - Matt's Spanish Alt Rock Playlist

In our second, hand-selected Spotify playlist Matt gives us a taste of the alternative rock scene in Spain - inspired by the months he spent living there as an exchange student.

Matt is part of El Patio's student support and reception team - but also plays in an alternative rock band himself! He's got good taste - check it out.

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