Staff Picks - Ben's Summer Playlist!

Suggestions for your summer listening - in Spanish!

Our first Spotify playlist of songs has been created by Ben Wright-Smith, not only one of our Melbourne admin assistants, but a singer-songwriter in his own right. Listen, follow or share!

The El Patio guide to dreams, visions and goals

Whether you're just starting your studies or have been studying for a while, the dream of speaking Spanish can sometimes feel a little distant.

Here we look at dreams, visions and goals, and how breaking things down into smaller parts can help you get where you want to go, little by little.

Spanish through Song - La cumbia del mole (all levels)

Music is a great way to approach language learning, as it can be a back door to your brain. As well as being a good way to learn new vocabulary, music carries culture, and in this case, more than one.

Mexican-American singer, Lila Downs, sings about MOLE, the thick, brown, spicy Mexican sauce. Mole is concocted by grinding together lots of ingredients - so it's apt that this song about a very Mexican sauce is deliciously mixed with a Colombian musical style, cumbia.

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