El adiós de Anisa (B2-C2)

Ana's latest story takes place during the final moments of Moorish Spain - in 1492 - a time when the world was changing fast. Written for students at advanced levels, it follows the exile of a young woman named Anisa, her hopes for her family of birth, but also the love she has found with her new kin.

Ana has crafted the story to reflect the time in which it is set, using words and expressions that trace the origins of Spanish we use today (if you look closely you'll see where of the terms ustedes and ojalá come from).

A beautiful story for anyone with an interest in the history of the Spanish language and in this pivotal point in the history of Spain.

I Teach Spanish! … Soledad López Doménech

Sol found her way to Australia through an exchange programme back in 2011, but came to stay after visiting some friends in 2013. Influenced by her mother, an English teacher, and inspired at a young age by a Spanish teacher, Sol was brought up to love languages and grew to love her own language all the more.

Through travelling and teaching casually, she realised she could do this for real! After studying to become a professional Spanish teacher, Sol starting teaching at El Patio in 2014.

What to expect on your first trip to Bolivia

Most first-timers to Bolivia say they have a love-hate relationship with this troubled country. Bolivia is the least developed country in South America. And it's true: there are many dangers but there are also some pretty wonderful and unique opportunities. It is a country with hundreds of worthy tourist attractions, but a nation not quite set up for tourism yet.

Here are just some of the things to expect:

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