Visit to del Rios Winery in Anakie - Sun Aug 28, 2016

Each year El Patio books a big bus to take a group on a day trip to del Rios of Mt. Anakie, a winery established and run by Spanish family Gus and Esther del Rios. We get to taste their wines and are treated to a fabulous Spanish lunch, overseen by abuela (grandmother) Damiana. Book tickets online! (go to Shop/del Rios Winery trip)

I Teach Spanish ... Alfonso Martínez Arranz

He came to Australia for a 12 month university exchange from Madrid and 9 years later - Alfonso is still here!

Overstaying his welcome he certainly is not; Alfonso has been part of El Patio's adored teaching crew since 2014. Read on for Alfonso's story, his impressions and advice for students!

Spanish language films - Melbourne International Film Festival 2016

The Melbourne International Film Festival (Jul 28 - Aug 15) is a great opportunity to not only submerge yourself in Spanish language and Hispanic culture, but to also embrace your inner film buff! Here we have compiled a selection of hispanic movies of interest in the festival. There are also heaps more which cane found by following our "Wishlist" link in the article. We hope you are able to enjoy a few movies to both improve your Spanish and relish in some Melbourne based hispanic culture!

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