I Teach Spanish! … Leticia Maraví Martínez

Leticia has always had an obsession with words - and that's an understatement. There are probably very few children who spent hours reading the dictionary! But hey, not all kids grow up to be amazing language teachers, like Leticia did.

Leticia loves to impart the same affection she feels for language on her students. One of her favourite ways to do this is by making silly sentences or memorable exercises - like the speed dating one she's shared with us!

Typing Tildes & Spanish Punctuation - é ñ ü ¿ ¡

Ever wondered how to master typing those little squiggles, dots and quirky punctuation marks? You may have thought it involved some sort of program, toolbar or application - you'd be wrong!

It's super easy to write Spanish punctuation on an English keyboard. Find out how in this article.

Spanish Film Festival 2017 - 20th Anniversary!

We look forward to the SFF every year - and this year's 20th anniversary programme doesn't disappoint.

Check out our top picks and suggestions for this years films - and enter the competition to win a double pass!

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