Ser or Estar…Dying to Know the Answer?

When students first learn that there are two very different forms of 'to be' in Spanish they are often confused and perhaps even a little annoyed! "But why!?" is a very common reaction! Yet grasping the difference between 'ser' and 'estar' is often a watershed moment in the Spanish acquisition journey!

I Learn Spanish! … Jennifer Boyce

Read about our student, Jennifer Boyce, and her journey to learn Spanish, (along with adorable daughter Eleanor!) With levels A1 and A2 under her belt, she's now set her eyes on a B1 DELE certificate. She has learned that studying Spanish is largely about persistence!

So many levels to choose from!

Thinking of learning a Spanish? El Patio has got around 20 levels of Spanish to choose from in our two centres. Are you a beginner? There are 4 types of course to consider. An upper intermediate speaker? 4 levels alone of Upper Intermediate!

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