I Teach Spanish! … Beatriz Solera

Meet Beatriz; Spanish language teacher, intrepid traveller and proud new mother! Read about her pathway to Spanish language tuition along with her advice to new and continuing students.
Beatriz has also provided us with a fun song exercise to share!

Visit to del Rios Winery in Anakie - Sun Sep 13, 2015

Each year El Patio books a big bus to take a group on a day trip to del Rios of Mt. Anakie, a winery established and run by Spanish family Gus and Esther del Rios. We get to taste their wines and are treated to a fabulous Spanish lunch, overseen by abuela (grandmother) Damiana. Book tickets online! (go to Shop/del Rios Winery trip)

El Encuentro - The Encounter

Ever met someones eyes in a bar and thought "Where do I know you from?" Perhaps you've never met at all... Sometimes people just have one of those faces... Or perhaps you've known this person all along.

A short story for levels Upper Intermediate and Advanced (B1/B2) with help in the uses of "se" in all its forms.

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