Saber Vs Conocer and other Spanglish dilemmas...

The temptation to translate English directly into Spanish, or vice versa, is a strong one! But this can lead many Spanish students into nasty traps!

Learn about just some of the words you can't use interchangeably or translate exactly from English: Saber and Conocer, Ir and Venir, Traer and Llevar, Preguntar and Pedir. Use them correctly and get into a Spanish mind!

I Teach Spanish! … Jorge Leiva

Meet Jorge! From growing up in Colombia, Venezuela and the United States, Jorge has settled in Australia as a multi-talented teacher.

His passion for music and language combine in his love of teaching. Read about Jorge's story as he discusses the good and bad of being a Spanish teacher in Australia. (And some advice to take onboard with you!)

La Colmena - a short story with a chance to win a $50 voucher!

A short tale (cuento) by Ana Ruiz designed for students at the B1 level (Upper Intermediate and above). Explore a hive of busy bees as they happily go about their daily business. From the queen to the humble worker, bees live fascinating lives. Yet there is a serious message to be taken from their tiny lives, as the gentle and fragile balance of nature is being disrupted ...

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