New courses start the week of August 25!

Thinking of joining a Spanish class? El Patio has got around 20 levels of Spanish to choose from in our two centres. Are you a beginner? There are 4 types of course to consider. An upper intermediate speaker? 4 levels alone of Upper Intermediate!

Bienvenidos, welcome to all our Elementary 1 students

If you've just started studying at El Patio right at the beginning, read some handy information about how to get the most out of your course for your future success with speaking Spanish.

I Teach Spanish! … Raquel Ramos Josa

Raquel is one of El Patio's more experienced teachers, and answers some questions about her teaching experience in Australia, how she finds us as students, as well as suggestions on how to get the most out of a Spanish course. Raquel is from Astorga, Spain, and has been teaching at El Patio since 2008.

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