Spanish Idioms - they "Crack us Up"!

Idioms are often strange and unusual - yet sometimes the perfect way to express ourselves. Have you ever actually seen it "rain cats and dogs"? … in Spanish we'd say "llueve a cántaros" (it's raining buckets). Idioms are a great way to enter into a culture's unique way of thinking, a way to "get to the point". It really pays to learn one or two - you are so going to impress your Hispanic friends if you throw one in at the right moment. Read Ben Wright-Smith's amusing article with his illustrations - which "hit the nail on the head"!

I Learn Spanish! … Stavros Aivaliotis

Stavros is a well seasoned Northcote student! Having started in El Patio at Elementary 1 in 2009 and now at an Upper Intermediate level, his is a familiar face at our Northcote school. Stavros has made many friends with staff, teachers and fellow students, often finding time to practice with them outside of class. He attributes this aspect to his continued enthusiasm for learning!

In a Flurry? Do the Hurry!

It's not a dance or a type of wriggle, although these movements could be used to describe the panic of that last-minute "Oh, I forgot to learn Spanish before my trip" feeling. Here at El Patio, we certainly think it's possible to collect some meaningful Spanish even in the short space of 4 hours. Yes, the SPANISH IN A HURRY workshop of 4 hours can help provide you with the security of being able to order your dinner, not only that, at the right time of day!

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