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Spanish in a Suitcase

Pack your Spanish before you leave! If you're about to travel and would like to get talking some basic Spanish, consider this concise eBook with heaps of audio for your iPad, iPhone or iPhone Touch.…

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La Colmena - a short story with a chance to win a $50 voucher!

A short tale (cuento) by Ana Ruiz designed for students at the B1 level (Upper Intermediate and above). Explore a hive of busy bees as they happily go about their daily business. From the queen to the humble worker, bees live fascinating lives. Yet there is a serious message to be taken from their tiny lives, as the gentle and fragile balance of nature is being disrupted ...

El camino de Santiago y otras aventuras en bici (The way to Santiago and other bicycle adventures)

¡Hola a todos! (Hello everyone!) I'm Rishi. I've been studying Spanish for 9 years, more or less 8 years at El Patio. Ana has asked me if I want to write a bit about my bicycle adventures in Europe, particularly those in Spain.

Soy Rishi. Hace 9 años que estudio español, más o menos 8 años en El Patio. Ana me ha preguntado si quiero escribir un poco de mis aventuras de bici en Europa, particularmente las de España.

Spanish Idioms - they "Crack us Up"!

Idioms are often strange and unusual - yet sometimes the perfect way to express ourselves. Have you ever actually seen it "rain cats and dogs"? … in Spanish we'd say "llueve a cántaros" (it's raining buckets). Idioms are a great way to enter into a culture's unique way of thinking, a way to "get to the point". It really pays to learn one or two - you are so going to impress your Hispanic friends if you throw one in at the right moment. Read Ben Wright-Smith's amusing article with his illustrations - which "hit the nail on the head"!

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