Discover the imperfect tense and the marvels of Tenochtitlán, city of the Mexicas (Aztecs) (A2-B2)

Tenochtitlán - a city of water and temples - lies buried under the immensity of modern day Mexico City. What was this incredible city like when the Spanish first set eyes on it in the 16th Century?

This article offers a glimpse of the wonders of this metropolis and is an excellent opportunity to brush up on your past tenses - particularly the imperfect (el imperfecto). So get your grammar-hat on and delve into a lost world!

Staff Picks - Cantautores & canciones protesta

María Rúa has compiled a gorgeous playlist uncovering some beautiful relics from the past, a movement which defined generations of songs to come. This list evokes a spirit of protest, a momentous tradition where art was often used to rival oppressive rulers and unsinkable regimes.

One of Our Teachers Wrote a Travelogue!

Meet Andrés Treviño (if you haven't already met him in class)! Andrés is one of El Patio's teachers - but also, a traveller and a writer.

In his book 'Fragmentos del paisaje', Andrés invites us to share his experiences throughout a year of travelling through Latin America; past the beautiful postcards and brochures and into the lives of the locals. Through his eyes and ears be a witness to the amazing moments, and raw truths of Latin America.

Read the inspiration behind and enter the competition to win one of four copies of 'Fragmentos del paisaje'!

Staff Picks - Penny's 'Take Me Back to Cancún' Playlist

This playlist encapsulates the many varied anthems that rock Mexico's famous party capital - Cancún. It begins with some fun songs from Cuba's 'Queen Of Salsa' Celia Cruz, Puerto Rican national treasures Calle 13 to international pop star Enrique Iglesias. A great way to liven up any party!

I Teach Spanish! … Leticia Maraví Martínez

Leticia has always had an obsession with words - and that's an understatement. There are probably very few children who spent hours reading the dictionary! But hey, not all kids grow up to be amazing language teachers, like Leticia did.

Leticia loves to impart the same affection she feels for language on her students. One of her favourite ways to do this is by making silly sentences or memorable exercises - like the speed dating one she's shared with us!

Spanish Film Festival - ends this Sunday!

We look forward to the SFF every year - and this year's 20th anniversary programme doesn't disappoint.

Check out our top picks and suggestions for this years films - and enter the competition to win a double pass!

Typing Tildes & Spanish Punctuation - é ñ ü ¿ ¡

Ever wondered how to master typing those little squiggles, dots and quirky punctuation marks? You may have thought it involved some sort of program, toolbar or application - you'd be wrong!

It's super easy to write Spanish punctuation on an English keyboard. Find out how in this article.

El maremoto (The Seaquake) Using Pretérito Perfecto! (A2)

Have you ever had a doomsday scenario play out in your head? Perhaps you've been daydreaming about what to do in a zombie apocalypse, or a nuclear fallout? How prepared would you be? Where would you go?

It's something that has fascinated many people over the years, inspiring countless films, books ... and nightmares.

Here Ana paints her version of Armageddon - a wall of water created by un maremoto (a seaquake). This story is not only designed to get your heart racing, it will also help you learn the uses and conjugations of the Present Perfect past tense (Haber + Past Participle).

Staff Picks - Ana's Hip-Pop Women Playlist

As we celebrate International Women's Day, Ana, our Director of Studies, has made a playlist that takes us on a journey of protest and feminism from all corners of the Hispanic world - all in Spanish of course!

Staff Picks - Matt's Spanish Alt Rock Playlist

In our second, hand-selected Spotify playlist Matt gives us a taste of the alternative rock scene in Spain - inspired by the months he spent living there as an exchange student.

Matt is part of El Patio's student support and reception team - but also plays in an alternative rock band himself! He's got good taste - check it out.

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